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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is.

It is what consumer’s tell each other it is. 

-Paul Rand

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Social Media Analytics

Getting social

According to a Sensis report conducted in 2019 the average Australian spends about 3 hours online a day. 3 hours! This is not an insignificant portion of time. You cannot afford to miss out on having your business available on social media, interacting and engaging your target audience. Get online.

What social should I be on? 

My job is to look at who your target audience is and what social media sites are relevant and worth cultivating a presence on. Over 85% of Australians (Sensis, 2019) are on Facebook, though if your business is aimed at younger generations you may need to consider Instagram or Snapchat.

My job is to help guide you by doing a competitor analysis of your top 3 competitors and determining which posts succeed, why, and developing a social media strategy for you.  

Is being on social media enough?

Having regular posts is great, but if you have no followers or wish to grow your followers you need to consider social media advertising. Facebook admit that their algorithm gives businesses less and less organic reach. 

What IS organic reach? It is the ability for your brand to be discoverable to members of the public who aren’t following you. To grow your followers you may need to consider adding in advertising to your social media plan. 

As they say in Wayne’s World “if you build it, they will come”. So once you have started advertising your services, the next important thing to look at is engagement. Creating valuable content that relates to your audience and keeps them coming back to you as a source of knowledge in your industry. 

I can help!

My job is to help take the stress out of trying to manage your business and grow your social media presence. 


I would love to help you engage with your audience, build a community and grow your business.