Legions was designed to be a competitor for LinkedIn and Seek job search sites and targeted at trade and industrial workers. The site had already been in development for 9 months when I came on board, and I continued to work on this for a year and a half. The site was designed to be a self-service portal that developed an engaged online community for workers to find jobs, express their skills and connect with others. 

Legions was a challenging project to work on, as I was forced into a number of roles within the design and development process that I hadn’t experienced before. Alongside UX, I was required to manage the development team as Project Manager for 5 months, as well as becoming much more of a Business Analyst. Breaking down our solutions into bite-size cards for the team was a new process for me, but one that I found enjoyable and helpful for the design process. Through this project I gained a large amount of experience that I feel has benefitted me in my role, and helped me perform my role to the best of my ability. 


Web Design
User Experience Design

Legions wireframing
Legions job ad
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Legions evolved through a number of iterations, with the current iteration focusing on the public job search. A large amount of user testing, metrics and research revealed that logging into Legions was a huge barrier to them searching for jobs, and providing personal information.

A number of assumptions were made about Legions users before I began working on the site. A number of these assumptions were proven wrong based on research and testing conducted by my team and myself. Visual CVs, for example, were proven to be inaccurate after research and testing. Tradies were revealed to have no preference for visual over non-visual CVs, and also often stated that they were unable to share photos of their work due to legal constraints from their employers (usually mine sites or corporate construction sites). It was this user research and metrics that led to the pivot from a logged in web app to a public facing job search.

Legions was built to be disruptive to the recruitment and job seeker market. To help this disruption I conducted surveys and did some guerilla testing of ideas. Tradies were found, through survey results, to be massive social media users with a broad range of demographics having at least one social media account, often Facebook. To tap into this market guerilla testing was done using Facebook’s “bot” technology in Facebook Messenger. Websites such as domain.com.au use this technology to let users search for houses, so Legions was testing the reaction to job searches on messenger. Users were approached on the street and asked to test the search function on messenger. The resulting data was extremely promising and will lead to a higher engagement from younger tradies to help them find a job.

Legions mobile phone mockup
Legions Job Search mockup