Diane Lester is a trained teacher librarian who loves stories. She loves hearing people’s stories about themselves, their loved ones, their pets and their family and friends. This love of stories is one of the many reasons that Diane decided to become a registered celebrant. 

She is based in Melbourne, Australia but has had requests from interstate (and overseas!) to conduct wedding celebrations, funerals, life celebrations and more. Diane is a professional who takes the gravity of her role seriously, while providing a sense of comfort, support and strength to those she works with. 

My husband and I decided to get married in Queenstown, New Zealand but wanted a small ceremony here with our families before we left to make it legal. Diane developed two totally different introductions and conducted both ceremonies wonderfully. I can’t recommend her enough!

Diane asked me to complete her branding some time ago. She wanted her brand to feel elegant, sophisticated and have a sense of gravitas about it. The branding should not appear to lean towards weddings or funerals, but represent her style and tone. 

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